Rideshare App for Prison Visitations

PCONN is a ride-sharing app that provides transportation services to keep families connected to their loved ones while they are in prison. We ’re committed to providing safe, accessible and affordable rides to prisons, making visitations easier.

We Are The Go-To App For People In Prison And Families.

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Visiting your loved one in prison just got easier

Ride with PCONN and ease some of the hardships of incarceration:

  • Share the costs of prison visits with others in the PCONN Network.
  • Enjoy a safe, reliable ride with other passengers.
  • Become a part of a supportive community.

Why Ride with PCONN?

We have your back whether you are a driver or passenger. Here is what you get when you ride with us:

  • Safe rides that are easier on your budget
  • Worry-free roundtrip visits.
  • A support community that understands the impact of incarceration.
  • Accessible, affordable transportation to visit the ones you love.

Become a PCONN Driver

Get extra cash, save a transportation costs, and even make new friends. Drive with us and carpool on the trips you'll take anyway.

Here's what you get when you drive with us:

  • Be Your Own Boss and earn extra cash.
  • Manage your own schedule by setting your hours.
  • Become a part of a driver community that makes a difference.


A safe, friendly and low-cost ride to your prison visits


Visiting your incarcerated loved one is now more affordable because passengers benefit from the shared costs of their trip by riding with other passengers who are also visiting the same prison facility.


Our trustworthy service guarantees secure travel, bridging the gap within families during difficult times. We verify drivers and passengers, ensuring that you are in good company every ride.


Discover convenience with the PCONN app. We provide ondemand transportation and help you connect with your incarcerated loved ones through eamless, budgetfriendly rides to correctional facilities.


We reunite loved ones, one ride at a time. PCONN’s reliable service brings families closer and fosters vital connections during challenging times. Our supportive community that understands the unique challenges that families impacted by incarceration face.

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More Than Just

a Drive

PCONN Drivers become essential lifelines helping families impacted by incarceration maintain vital connections during difficult times.

PCONN helps you:

Frequently Asked Questions

Use our mobile app to book your ride. Search for your destination, select your travel date, and handpick your driver. Explore driver bios and reviews.

To publish your ride, use our mobile app.  Share your destination and starting point, select your departure date and time, how many passengers you can take and the price per seat.

It depends on how far you are going, when you are leaving, how many people want it, and what the driver charges. There is no fixed price, so look at popular routes to get an idea.

Sign up for an account and share with us some info about you. Once you are registered, you can start booking or offering rides right from our app.

Absolutely! You can not only check their profile and reviews but also have a chat with them before confirming your trip

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Your rideshare app to visit incarcerated loves one in the most affordable way
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Looking to be a PCONN driver?

Save Money

Save money on visits to your loved ones in prison by sharing your ride and carpooling.

Build a Community

Make bonds that extend far beyond the journey itself.

Find Support

Make bonds that extend far beyond the journey itself